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Professional association of criminalists

Honored colleagues,

The Professional Association of Criminalists was founded on May 7th 2004 and has been operating ever since.

Members of the Association are primarily criminalists and graduate criminalists. Foundation assembly appointed Prof. Duško Modly, PhD as the President of the Association and graduate criminalists Darko Majstorović and Željko Žemlja as the Executive Vice President and Vice President respectively. The Chairman and Spokesman of the Association is Davor Posilović, Criminal Research Specialist, University of Zagreb.

The Association counts 649 members out of which 571 are regular members, 42 honorary members and 36 applicant members with their number increasing every year. We would especially like to point out that our honorary and regular members are Prof. Dragan Primorac, PhD, Prof. Davor Krapac, PhD, Prof. Berislav Pavišić PhD, Assistant Professor Renato Matić, PhD and Professor Emeritus Mirko Tomić. Some of our members are also regular lecturers at the Higher Police School. Commissioners of the Association have been appointed in almost every county of the Republic of Croatia, with branch offices established in Zagreb, Sisak, Split, Pula, Osijek, Koprivnica and Rijeka.

Among the significant activities of the Association from its founding onwards are: 13 expert lectures given throughout the country, scientific research project entitled “Circumstances Affecting or Hindering Efficiency and Lawfulness of Police Procedures“ realized with the support of OESS (the project goal was to establish circumstances of objective and subjective nature that affect or hinder efficient, lawful and professional police conduct), debate on the topic “Rejection of Criminal Charges”, publishing of our own “Dictionary of Criminology”, continuous active participation in the process of defining the status of criminalists and graduate criminalists with regard to the valid legal and sub-legal acts that are currently inadequately regulating our position. Furthermore, we are in the process of establishing collaboration with similar associations from Germany, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia.

Our goals are:

- Assisting criminalists in achieving their qualifications and professional improvement
- Promoting the criminalist profession and introducing it to the public
- Establishing professional communication among criminalists
- Assisting the university with educational, scientific and professional work
- Providing expert assistance in fighting all forms of crime particularly modern terrorism and organized crime
- Nurturing and developing ethics of criminalist profession
- Fostering tradition of criminology

Professional Association of Criminalists is a non-profit association that brings together criminalists and graduate criminalists with the purpose of achieving common goals: seeding, nurturing and preserving criminology. This kind of colligation enhances and improves the professional communication.

Our basic goal can be achieved only if the criminology is given due recognition. In times of constant crime increase and growing sense of insecurity, the Association aims its activities towards higher level of safety and protection of the Republic of Croatia and its citizens.
Our Association strives to give its contribution to the struggle against all forms of crime particularly modern crime forms by gathering eminent experts from all fields of criminology.

In achieving our goals we rely on three basic activities: gathering, collaboration and organization of scientific and expert conferences, and other forms of collaboration based on criminology as science and profession.

It is highly significant that this kind of work allows shaping of general attitudes, opinions and advice concerning decisive issues in criminology.

Davor Posilović, Criminal Research Specialist, University of Zagreb
Chairman and Spokesman of the Association